Saturday, 23 July 2011

Number 26 - Potato

We're all accustomed to the root vegetable of the Solanum tuberosum, but we may not all know about it's benefits to our health.

The potato contains fiber, vitamin C and potassium, all which are essential to a healthy diet. The potato can also be made into a paste for First Aid treatment of sunburn, burns and scrapes, as a potatoes' starch will draw the heat out the injury.

As potatoes are a member of the same family as Deadly Nightshade, the plant itself and the plant's fruits are toxic, and potatoes do become poisonous over time and turn green. Dispose of any green potatoes and cook them well. 

The potato can be used in stews and as a meal by itself. It can also be turned to the paste to treat external injuries. Jacket potatoes contain the most vitamins compared to boiled and peeled potatoes.

The popular Russet Potatoes are also nutritiousness and can be used in first aid treatments. (Product of Green Giant)

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