Monday, 25 April 2011

Number 11 - Daffodil

The flowers representative of Wales, the Narcissus genus, or the Daffodil, is a symbol of renewal, the begining of a life cycle, and the season of spring.

The juice from a daffodil plant can be used as a treatment of Altzheimer´s Disease.

However, care should be taken in preparing the flower for any medicines - its bulb and in some plants, its petals, are poisonous.

The juice from the flower is taken in a pill form. It is an expensive drug as there is only one commercial plant decicated to producing the chemicals using daffodils. They are currently working out which type of daffodil is the one which produces the most galantamine.

Galantamine is extracted from daffodils. (Unkown Image Source. Product of Galamer)