Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lectures and Plants Vs. Zombies!

Crikey its been a long time! I'm sorry my followers, after my exams finished, I went out and did a lot of partying. I've very much neglected my blog and it needs some loving.

The first thing which distracted me from doing anything constructive, such as looking for a summer job or indeed updating the blog, is the Popcap video game Plants vs. Zombies. Being a lover of all plants being useful for things, I have really enjoyed the game so far. I completed Adventure Mode and I'm trying to get my Zen Garden producing some good moolah.

Adorable plushies I need in my life. I wish these dropped coins...

- I apologise, I've deleted my notes as there was a lot of identifying information on my time at University here. As I left Uni, I would no longer like this information available online. Sorry! -

I really enjoyed my weekend in Lincoln. It is a beautiful city. Although it has a lot of swans. I am going to the university in September to study Herbal Medicine. I can't wait!

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