Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Number 25 - Kava

Piper methysticum, kava, or kava-kava is the plant of discussion today. The plant is often used for religious and social purposes in countries such as Fiji and Tonga.

Kava can be used for sore throats or tooth ache, as it has a numbing effect. It is also used in a cola called Kava or Lava cola, and is marketed as an 'anti-energy' drink, providing a relaxing feeling rather than the boost energy drinks give.

Plant use has been known to cause certain adverse effects such as liver damage, but it is undetermined whether this is from the plants or how extracts of the plant are taken with use of various chemicals. Overuse of the plant can also cause skin rashes.

Kava can be taken in capsules, in cola or as a tea.

Kava Cola (Source Unknown)


  1. Awesome. I get sore throats every once and a while so this may prove useful.

  2. i was thinking of ordering till i read about liver damage :/ i'd rather not take the risk.

  3. Might be good, I got a tooth ache last month.

  4. Hmmm thats one strange drink