Sunday, 22 May 2011

Number 22 - Honey

In herbalism, anything natural can be used. As honey is technically an extract of nectar from many different plants, it is a mix of bee and plant produce.

In Hinduism, it is considered an 'elixir of immortality'. It has many uses due to its antiseptic and antimircobial properties. It has also been theorized that honey and its properties could help cure MRSA. Honey can be used to help burns and cuts heal faster, and to help common ailments such as coughs, colds and sore throats be cured using honey. If you're interested in using herbs in First Aid, honey is an important addition.

In hives of bees in areas which poisonous plants grow, the honey can be toxic to humans but not bees. This honey is usually only found in the wild, and would not be produced under commercial supervision. With the many medicinal properties of plants, there are also many that can harm us in numerous ways. NEVER take honey from the wild; you don't know where those bees have been!

It is taken in many, many different manners. It can be used in a culinary manner, to sweeten herbal teas, and it can also be used as a wound dressing.

The humble honey teddy bear, a popular honey bottle design in the US. (Unknown source)


  1. I love me some sweet honey.

  2. Yup, a very good sugar replacement, I use it all the time

  3. oh come on honey isn't a herb ! :P

  4. Sugar. Do do doo-da da doo.
    Oh, honey! Honey! Do do doo-da da doo.

  5. Yeah, honey really does go well with tea. Also, honey nut cheerios would just be nut cheerios if honey didn't exist!

  6. Sooooo tasty! :D