Friday, 27 May 2011

Number 23 - Witch-Hazel

The genus Hamamelis is the plant Witch-Hazel.

The main use of witch-hazel is to help reduce bruising in the skin in a similar manner Arnica does. The plant is also used in treating acne and haemorrhoids. It is used in aftershaves and insect bite treatments. It also helps with skin conditions, like dry skin and eczema.Gargling Witch-Hazel tea can help with inflammations of the mouth and throat, and drinking the tea can help with inflammations of the whole digestive system.

Too much or too frequent, Witch-Hazel can cause nausea. Pharmacy bought Witch-Hazel often contains medical alcohols, which mean it is inappropiate for digestion.

Witch-Hazel can be bought as an ointment or cream for external use, and tea for internal use.

Witch-Hazel flower.

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  1. Yeah this is in a lot of skincare products!

  2. interesting i had never heard of that herbe before!

  3. will i become beautiful if i smear myself in it?^^

  4. what a nasty name for a therapeutic "herb"