Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Number 16 - Arnica

I'm sorry for my tardiness in blog posts, I have finals and lots of work to do up until the end of June. I will still be updating, but I'm afraid they won't be as frequent.

Arnica, or arnica montana, is a pretty daisy-like flower.

This plant is very useful in treating bruised, strained or sprained parts of the body. It has also been used in helping wounds heal.

However, the plant itself is poisionous if ingested in large amounts. Ironically, unprepared arnica plants can cause skin irritation.

It is used as a gel or as a tincture.

Commercial Arnica gel. (Source SBC. Product of SBC)


  1. Hmmm... sounds like Icy Hot. o_O

  2. Heard of it before, never knew it was a plant.

  3. really... what do they do to it? raw it harms the skin, treated it makes it better.